The year is 1892

The Epoch of the Lion

Nations across the world have settled into their borders, entering into a relative peace.

You are an immigrant bound for Maruvanar, an island continent of city-states in the Astragis Sea.

You and your compatriots grow ever weary of your travels as you approach the northern coast. You'll be disembarking at a small seaside village known as Bleaksky Baile soon enough. You don't know what adventure lie ahead, but you have time to prepare.

Who are you, what are you after, and how do you know the other travelers aboard the boat?

No, Really, What Is This?

A Multi-User Dungeon. Maruvanar is the eponymous setting for a MUD that has been gently and slowly developed over time. It utilizes a heavily-customized Dead-Souls LPC Mudlib.

Gross, How Do I Play?

1. Go download Mudlet
2. Connect to
3. Don't lose your lunch at the amount of reading you'll need to do